Tuesday, April 17, 2007



I poke my finger in my eye
to hide the fact I want to cry;
the tears run down my face like rain
and hide the fact I live in pain;
I live in fear and walk in night
because I have turned out the light;
I cannot face what I do not see
hoping all bad things will flee;
but faceless demons fill the hole
that I have left within my soul.


Santhosh Koyilada said...

Nice feel in it

david santos said...

Belo poema, gracias.
Very nice poem. Thank you.
Have a good day

Lynne said...

My Dearest Soulmate ~

This would seem to me also to be a "Nice" poem if written by someone I didn't know. Because I know you, it brought pain to my heart because, although it is "poetry", it is the echo of your personal pain.

I apologize for this, but how can someone say "have a good day" after having just experienced a glimpse of your agony? Could any poet have penned these words having no personal understanding of the pain they contain?

Maybe I am extremely naive?

I was profoundly touched with tears and sadness, but also with continued hope that the dark curtain will rise once again and you will see that road into the sunshine that lurks in those shadows and sometimes, thankfully, breaks through to bring you back to that place of peace and serenity.