Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Three More Funerals...

A father and son, both awaiting a certain death. The ironies of this life - death will not wait.
The father is 93, the son is in his sixties. The father has seen much grief and sorrow in his lifetime but has borne it all with much strength and grace. And now, it is a waiting game.
Will he outlive his son?

The son was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer several months ago. He was doing fairly well but it was not to be. It has spread into his stomach and he is now beyond medical help. He has seen his fair share of sorrow. His oldest son was in a car accident in which his back was broken and he is now a paraplegic. The ironies continue:

His cousin was born with Spina Bifida and does not have the use of his legs. The grandfather was diagnosed with Diabetes some years ago, and due to malpractice, lost his leg. One family, three male members having lost the use of their limbs. But God has endowed them with huge hearts!

The father (grandfather) was diagnosed this week with a malignant tumor that is very close to his lung, and due to his age and other maladies, mainly the diabetes, the doctors feel it is inoperable. Another member of this family is also dying: the father's brother. He is also in his 90's. He has cancer.

So the extended families draw close to one another, gaining strength from one another, knowing that they are facing the loss of three of their own within a short time frame. It is exceptionally difficult as the holidays approach. Please pray for them...


Constance said...

Oh Gracie, I am so sorry to hear this -- my deepest empathy.
*prayers and light and loving energy to each of you*

Anonymous said...


Wow, I just discovered this blog through the link in your other one. I wish I had known this at that time.

My father passed away on November
18, 2007 of complications brought about by pancreatic cancer.

November 4th we lost our dear family member "Uncle Rick," so young in his 50s (Congestive heart failure), and then my husband's father (October 18th) from a diabetes related infection.

Hugs, thoughts and prayers to you. I know what you've been going through, my dear.

Much love,